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AUDIO: Featured DJ Mixes

BPM Smith

BPM SmithBPM Smith began mixing Drum & Bass in 2000, and has hosted the WORD 'N' BASS Show broadcast in the San Francisco Bay Area on 104.1 FM since 2002. He has performed at a variety of events from battles at the legendary Ashkenaz to raves. An accomplished fiction writer, BPM Smith developed Word 'N' Bass, a fusion of Electronica music and spoken word, in 2002.


DJ Mettrax

DJ Mettrax: DJ Mettrax has played at various clubs throughout his native Austria, where he’s focused on liquid Drum & Bass and House music. He has produced DNB tracks for Hospital Records, one of the UK’s top labels, as well as Fucuz Records. In October 2011, he founded Generation Golla Recordings, which releases DNB, House, Dubstep, Trance, Psytrance and Goa, among other genres.


DJ Noah

DJ Noah: DJ Noah is a resident with San Francisco crew JungleCode whose style is fast, fluid and dark with powerful bass lines. DJ Noah, whose birth name is Noah Krause, spins Drum 'N' Bass and Dub at various JungleCode events, where he can be seen flipping records at warp speed. Check out the JungleCode website for more information.



Lantz: Lantz has rocked the turntables since his first party gig, when he opened for Simply Jeff at a desert party outside of Phoenix, Ariz., in 1994. Since then, he has performed at various club and underground events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and for the past two years Lantz has continued his dedication to Breaks as co-host of the weekly NetAmp Webcast on PulseRadio.net. For more information on Lantz check out NetAmp.com.


Maneesh The Twister

Maneesh The Twister: Maneesh The Twister has been blowing up the San Francisco club scene with The Dhamaal crew, an eclectic troupe of DJs and musicians that blend the turntable arts with organic accompaniments ranging from tabla players to MCs. Find futher information about Maneesh at his Myspace.


dj calculon

DJ Calculon: DJ Calculon has performed at various Drum & Bass and funk parties in Southern California since the Millennium. A resident of regular D&B event Process in San Diego, he is a finalist in the Liquid Funk 2005 Drum & Bass DJ Competition. DJ Calculon’s mixing style combines fast BPMs with fluid transitions to keep the dance floor bouncing non-stop.


dj denise

DJ Denise: DJ Denise has been a fixture at raves throughout North America since first hitting the decks in 1998. Her debut album, Hard Dance Sessions Volume One, was released in late 2003 with Tripoli Trax, one of London’s top Hard House labels. She plans a second full-length mixed album in winter 2005, and is launching a new House label Mizumo Music. Denise was a studio guest on the WORD ’N’ BASS Show this year, and now you can hear her set from the original live broadcast. Denise’s Hard House set combines sharp beatmatching, high energy funk and one of her newly produced tracks.



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