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Contact Us

WORD’N’BASS.com is a site focused on DJs, authors and their fans. We welcome correspondence, whether you want to announce a new album or book, have news that would interest our readers, or just want to say hello.

Press releases, submissions, and questions about WORD’N’BASS.com content should be sent to editor (at) wordnbass (dot) com.

DJs: If you have a promotional mix you’d like WORD’N’BASS.com to consider running as an Audio feature, you can send online links and MP3s via e-mail. If you have a CD, please e-mail us for the appropriate mailing address. Submissions should include the artist’s name, date of the mix, and a digital photo. Contact information is also appreciated.

Record labels: We review drum ‘n’ bass, trance, house music, and downtempo electronica. Please include the artist’s biography, their album’s cover image, and its release date.

Promoters: Contact us to have your party listed in our Events section, announce your DJ’s tour, special events, or other news and gossip.

Book publishers and publicists: We review literary fiction, especially Bad Boy literature (and Bad Girl), ethnic fiction, young authors (under 40), and any fiction that is considered “edgy.” Please e-mail us for the mailing address to submit your author’s novel. Submissions should include a standard media kit.

Agents and authors: We cover news involving book industry participants such as publishing deals, agency developments, author book tours, and other stories and gossip.

Contact BPM Smith: To book BPM Smith at your party, sign him to your record label, close a six-figure book deal, donate a Baja beach house, or simply say what’s up, e-mail him at smith (at) wordnbass (dot) com.
Note: We have disabled the automatic mail links on this page due to excessive spam, so please excuse the inconvenience.

Spammers: We do not want any of your stupid products and have registered these e-mail addresses with the Federal Trade Commission's National Do Not Call Registry. Spamming us is a violation of federal law and you will be punished by the 800 lb. WORD'N'BASS.com goon, who has a Louisville Slugger and sixth grade reading level.


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