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BASS: DJs Chongo, Lantz are Peruvatwins; indie film ‘Hyphy Mid-life Crisis’ on tap

Ricardo CarpenterLongtime San Francisco Bay Area DJs Lantz and DJ Chongo have a side project going with Lantz producing beats and Chongo whipping out some hilarious rap as The Peruvatwins. Also watch for Chongo (pictured left) to co-star in a new independent film "A Hyphy Mid-Life Crisis" later this year, along with Bay Area rapper Mike Wright and high-profile model Gelusa Zaripova, that's expected to hit the film festival circuit soon.

Check out The Peruvatwins’ Myspace to hear smoking hot tracks like "Brotha Got a Bug ‘08 Remix" and "Dress Codes," among others.

Chongo is also slated to release a new independent film "A Hyphy Mid-Life Crisis" that he directed under his birth name Ricardo Carpenter. Hyphy stars Gelusa Zaripova, who recently appeared in Maxim Espanol Magazine and finished up a full-length feature indie flick called "I Scream." The film co-stars Mike Wright, a rapper in a group called Bay Area 51, as well as Ricardo.

"I don't want to give it away but the title should explain the premise... A 40-year-old with no game having a hyphy mid-life crisis," Rick told WORD’N’BASS.com. "Hyphy" will hit the indie film festival circuit later this year and is expected to play at various locations throughout the Bay Area.

"I'm trying to get it in the SF INdieFest along with some other festivals in the Bay Area. I'm also going to put together a yet-to-be announced showing party somewhere in San Francisco," Rick said. We'll announce the launch party viewing when a date and location is available.


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