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BASS: DJ Promo breaks world record for continuous mixing
by BPM Smith

DJ Promo has set a new world record for continuous mixing, spinning records for 87 hours straight in Melbourne, Australia, WORD’N’BASS.com learned. "I DJ’ed continuously for 87 hours therefore breaking the Guinness World Record by three hours," said DJ Promo after recovering from the mammoth effort.

DJ Promo, whose birth name is Matt Solo, completed a nearly four day journey of spinning beats that included several genres of House music, Dub and Drum & Bass. That’s a lot of genres for a DJ who is known primarily as a Tribal House artist with some 30 mixed albums under his belt. Then again, flipping through 1,500 records can lead to surprising turns of the needle.

The world record buoyed the presence of Electronic music in downtown Melbourne, where DJ Promo mixed in front of a dancing audience in a temporary pyramid-shaped club called The Vertex. According to Guinness World Record (GWR) rules, the event had to take place on stage in a club or similar venue, open to members of the public, and not in a recording studio.

GWR officials also required that the feat be performed "without artificial stimulation" such as amphetamines. DJ Promo’s straight-edge lifestyle over the past several months as well as physical training in the gym helped his endurance. But that didn’t offset the strange results of sleep deprivation.

After the second day of mixing, "I had the first hallucination. I was DJing and aware of it but I was not seeing what was really there," said DJ Promo. "In my mind I was seeing two houses instead of turntables and I was moving furniture between them. It was pretty weird and scary at the same time and yet the whole time I knew I was DJing."

DJ Promo’s new world record -- which won’t become official until GWR officials review his DJ logs, interview volunteers and perform other due diligence --  eclipses the prior record of 84 hours that British DJ Genix set in February 2005.

In addition to setting a new world record, the event raised funds for two Australian charities: The Big Issue, which enables homeless people to take steps towards getting off the street; and Challenge, which supports children living with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders.


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