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BASS: DJ Ralphi dead at age 27 as pro boxer faces murder charge

A former professional boxer is facing a murder charge in the death of DJ Ralphi, who died on October 25, nine days after allegedly getting sucker punched by former contender "Fast" Freddie Cadena in New Jersey.

DJ RalphiDJ Ralphi (pictured left), whose birth name is Rafael Falcon, reportedly got in a ruckus with Cadena over a woman at the Rio Grande nightclub on October 16, where Ralphi was spinning a set. Cadena allegedly followed DJ Ralphi outside and knocked him out with one punch, according to police and local newspaper reports.

Club patrons doused water on DJ Ralphi to try and revive him but he did not regain consciousness until being rushed to the hospital. According to the New Jersey Record, Ralphi told his mother at the St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, "I’m dying. My head hurts." He lapsed into a coma shortly afterwards and never again regained consciousness

DJ Ralphi moved to the United States from Venezuela at age 12. He began spinning hip hop and by age 16 had already performed at clubs, which began a decade of life at the turntables that was ended much too soon. He leaves behind a four-year-old son.

Meanwhile, Cadena’s alleged murder of DJ Ralphi took place just four weeks after the convicted wife beater was released from jail. On September 16 he was freed after serving time for domestic violence, and he had a criminal record prior to that.

Cadena was considered a top junior welterweight prospect after running up 15 straight wins and performing on shows underneath Oscar De La Hoya. But his career ended in April 2003, when Las Vegas’ Jesse Feleciano knocked him out on national TV. Cadena suffered seizures after the fight and retired from boxing.


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